Financing outcomes for YOUR business

Debtor Finance

Are your creditor payment cycles placing unnecessary pressure on your business? Are you needing to free up cash flow to fund operating expenses and growth?

Debtor finance allows you to access working capital that is tied up in outstanding invoices in order to allow you to continue to invest in your business.

Every business goes through peaks and troughs, and issues with debt collection and outstanding invoices can lead to limited cash flow in vital development periods.

With Debtor Finance, you can secure your loan against the outstanding invoices so you have cashflow immediately available to invest in your business when you need it most – not when your clients decide to settle their accounts.

Payment is usually granted within 24 hours of submitting an invoice, meaning you no longer have to wait for invoices to be settled by your customers to access the cash you need.

Debtor Finance:

•  Turns outstanding accounts into immediate cash flow
•  Allows you to iron-out seasonal changes
•  The size of your receivables ledger becomes the limit for available finance

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